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Alice Gallman

    Alice Gallmans life is rich with history and the living memory of our nation greatest shame slavery. A biracial child born in 1922, Union County South Carolina. She was raised by her grandmother who had been born into slavery and who made a living as a midwife. Her father was Jewish.

Alice's determination to make a change!

“There were so many days I didn’t have a bite of bread” - A.G.


Her humble upbringing didn’t stop Gallman from giving her time, energy, and skills to other people who needed help.


When Gallman was a teenager she taught people how to construct mattresses made of cotton instead of straw. Later on she taught people from various communities how to can vegetables, so they could have food when times were lean.


Gallman has fought for the poor and she was involved in helping African- American teachers receive adequate books instead of the damaged hand- me- downs used by white children.


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