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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the public about the cause and answer to racism, based on principles of Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great philosopher Eli Siegel. The cause of racism and all injustice is “contempt—the addition to self through the lessening of something else.”

The answer is learning to criticize contempt, including in oneself, and to see the feelings of people different from us are as real and as deep as our own. 

   We proudly join with others to preserve and present civil rights history in the voices and words of those who made that history. Our major projects are:

1) "The People of Clarendon County"--A Play by Ossie Davis, & the Answer to Racism: a traveling educational/performance event free to the public; 

2) “The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights” Oral History Project: video interviews with unsung pioneers of all races whose work in behalf of justice deserve our nation’s gratitude and acknowledgment.


Our organization earned a 2021 GoldStar Silver Seal of Transparency

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About Our Work

U.S. leaders speak about their respect for our work against racism based on the education of Aesthetic Realism, founded by Eli Siegel. They include civil rights pioneers, members of Congress, educators, religious leaders, historians, parents, and artists who express their support for Aesthetic Realism and for the mission of the Alliance of Ethics & Art.

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